About Us

Our story started with ‘Dude’ who stepped his four little paws onto this Earth on 24th December 2007. His coming to our family was also our beginning on the path of kindness. It is with Dude that we learned and embarked on a mission to build a community where care and kindness are the force to live by. This gave birth to “Be Kind”.



The Dude’s little paw print on every design of The Monk is how you can find his learnings with yourself. And every brand that carries the paw print is also part of our kindness journey. So you know that dude’s care and kindness are with you, with every product. 



On every product packaging, you will find a QR code. The code will take you to the page ‘Dudecares’ where you can track your little friends' growth and see how they are doing. This way, you can look at where and how your % of kindness is manifesting into more and more of the same.

The ideology behind our collections

We embarked on our kindness journey with the very first collection at The Monk. Launched with the hashtag “random act of kindness”, we spread our message of doing acts of kindness among our customers. This initiative promoted doing an act of kindness and spreading warmth and love everywhere.

With the second collection, Adhyantam, we moved forward with our mission and focused on putting what kindness means for us ahead. “Adhyantam” is a result of our meditative efforts toward spreading our message of kindness.

Our Agenda

With every product we sell at The Monk, we want to give back to the animal community. It is not just us, our customers also take a part in this mission of kindness. So a % of our sales always go directly to helping our animal friends.

For this, we have partnered with the K9 Healers. It is a voluntary organization with a not-for-profit operation model primarily focusing on two things. Firstly, they work tirelessly in the animal rescue and welfare sector. Secondly, they have introduced therapy dogs to North India.