Our Story

About The Monk


The MonkTM is the world’s first invite-only premium eyewear brand, from India’s most trusted house of opticals that’s been in the eyewear industry for 59 years of experience. The MonkTM is a collection of eyewear that symbolises purity and celebrates individuality. Our carefully crafted range is perfect for anyone who believes in uniqueness, rather than ordinary. The MonkTM, as a brand, stands for the statement – Look good while you do good. We strongly believe that every person who has inherent goodness and kindness in them and displays it with abundance should look good while doing it. To take this forward, we believe in taking initiatives to spread kindness. One such initiative is called ‘Random Act of Kindness’ which promotes doing an act of kindness and spreading warmth and love everywhere.

The Making


For years we have worn what was never made for us and fitted our noses into eyewear, that always left us with second best. At The Monk, our story started from tailoring a product after the wearer. Our inspiration is to give to society, a chance to see the kind world they create, clearly and in style.

Pertaining to 59 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing eyewear, The MonkTM glasses are created uniquely owing to the science and work put behind each frame. The MonkTM glasses are made to fit the Indian face mould. This has been achieved by taking the mould of 20 Indian faces and conducting face mapping of these face moulds. The result is glasses that fit the Indian face type and do not feel too tight or loose around the nose area. Talking about the nose area, the nose pads in each frame have been sourced from one of the best optical-maker in France to ensure the best quality.

The weight in each frame is distributed to make the temples heavier than the rim to make it comfortable for daily wear. Also, each frame’s temple tip comes slightly padded to make sure that the glasses are comfortable and there is no bruising behind the ear area. Each frame is designed in an angle where, while it provides clear vision, the glasses do not slip off the nose area or cause any squinting.

The glasses are made with top of the line, CR-39 lenses, which are currently the best available. We do this to ensure acuity while staying true to our mission of delivering quality to our customers.

While the sunglasses and opticals are, both designed to feel light and comfortable, the latter is made lighter for everyday wear. While the temple still remains heavier than the frame, the opticals are lighter in weight compared to the sunglasses. For example, the MonkVator is available as sunglasses and opticals. However, when compared, the optical weighs less owing to the temples of both being different and utility-specific in comparison to the other available brands that have a set mould mentality.

All the eyewear, be it the sunglasses or the optical, can be made to one’s prescription if needed. Also, every eyewear comes with its name and story instead of a number or a code giving a character to play a role in your life. These names signify what we stand for and the qualities someone who owns The MonkTM should possess.