Random Act Of Kindness is an attempt to bring the goodness in everyone to the forefront. We at The Monk believe that it is our natural instinct of wanting to look good, yet to see good we have to be good ourselves first, the goodness ends up defining us. Being kind can sometimes feel like a thankless job, but we’re here to give you a nudge in the right direction. Random Act Of Kindness aims to reward the benevolent philanthropists, the only ones to have access to our exclusive eyewear range. We make you look good while you’re doing good.


Q – What is a #RandomActofKindness?

It could be something as simple as disposing your waste in the trashcan. You could also feed the poor, teach the underprivileged, distribute condoms at brothels, help a blind person cross a road, thank a police officer for their duty, or save water/electricity. Anything that improves the quality of life of the people around you, qualifies for the #RandomActOfKindness.


Q – How to qualify your #RandomActofKindness?

Step 1

Upload & Share Your Deed

You can share your Random Act Of Kindness on Social Media through the following channels:

  • Facebook
    • Tag Our Page (works only if the post is public) in your post
    • Comment on our #RandomActOfKindness post
    • Post it on our page wall
  • Twitter
    • Tag us with your #RandomActOfKindness post
  • Instagram
    • Tag us with your #RandomActOfKindness post
  • Email
    • In case you’re not on Social Media, you can still be a part of this initiative. Email us your #RandomActOfKindness on info@themonk.co.in and you qualify!


It’s mandatory to use hashtags #RandomActOfKindness and #MonkInvite

All deeds that qualify will receive an e-mail from The Monk with their exclusive access to The Monk Eyewear Range.

Step 2

Nominate Your Friends

Nominate(Tag) upto 5 of your friends to encourage them to do their #RandomActofKindness and upload on social media. We believe that small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect, making tomorrow a day we wish to see and live.

Step 3

Step Into The E-Store

The Monk online store will be accessible to all, but only the ones with qualified entries of #RandomActOfKindness will have the option to buy. Check out our collection on www.themonk.co.in

The existing qualified email id’s can also invite two friends for the exclusive access as well.

The Monk is a limited edition eyewear and only a selected few will have access to buy the same.


Communication Channels

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/themonkindia/

Twitter  – https://twitter.com/themonkindia

FB – https://www.facebook.com/themonkindia/

Compulsory Hashtags – #RandomActOfKindness #MonkInvite

Compulsory Tags – @themonkindia (Page, Twitter Handle, Instagram Handle)


Q – I don’t know what to do for my #RandomActofKindness, help me what to choose?

If you’re confused about what to do or how your little act can create a big impact, you can always sign up for organ/eye donation and change someone’s life forever. There’s nothing you can do of a higher value than adding light and colour to a person’s vision. If you intend to do so, contact us at info@themonk.co.in


Q – Is it mandatory to complete my #RandomActofKindness to buy The Monk?

Yes, it is mandatory. Only those with the invite will be able to buy the collection.


Q – I’ve done my #RandomActofKindness, how will I receive my invite?

Once you’ve done your #RandomActofKindness, post a photo/video on instagram/facebook and make sure that you add our hashtags #RandomActofKindness and #MonkInvite with your post. Please remember to make your profile public for us to see. We’ll be unable to contact or send you the invite if your post is private.  

You will receive the invite over your email. Our representatives will contact you after you have completed all your steps for RandomActofKindness and you’ll be needed to share your email id with us through direct message on the respective social media handle.

In case we miss you, you can contact us at info@themonk.co.in by sending us a screenshot of your photo/video of your #RandomActofKindness.


Q – I want to keep my #RandomActofKindness to myself, what should I do?

You can send us your Random Act of Kindness at info@themonk.co.in and we’ll send you the invite. Your great deed remain a secret.


Q – Is it necessary to record the entire #RandomActofKindness as evidence?

It’s not necessary to record the entire act, just an image with a description of the act is enough. Don’t forget to use #MonkInvite & #RandomActofKindness while uploading.


Q – I have a #RandomActofKindness image from way back, can I post the same?

Yes, you absolutely can. Even if you’ve done a #RandomActofKindness in your 1st grade, that counts.